The all-terrain 4×4 tyre from CST, the Sahara A/T II is the perfect 4×4 all-terrain tyre for use on and off-road.

  • Excellent off-road performance in all terrains
  • High mileage 4×4 tyre with long-lasting tread
  • Puncture-resistant 4×4 tyre design
  • High load capacity for carrying heavy or laden trucks
  • Serrated edges of each tyre tread block provides traction and maximises off-road performance
  • Reduced tread pattern void ratio for optimum mileage and tread life
  • 3D zig-zag block pattern delivers excellent off-road performance in all terrains
  • Rib design along the shoulder area provides sidewall protection and added puncture resistance
  • High-rigidity steel belt construction delivers increased load capacity