CFAO Mobility Zambia LTD as part of the CFAO Group is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards. We advocate the values of integrity, respect, and transparency within the group and vis-à-vis our partners.

Acting with integrity is essential to ensure the sustainable growth of our activities and to create a long-term competitive advantage for CFAO Group. These values are shared with our stakeholders through the Code of Conduct and Ethics (“COCE”), Corruption Code of Conduct and the Ethics Whistle-blower Policy.

  1. The global Code of Conduct and Ethics (COCE) emphasises the shared values and commitment to living and prospering together with people society and the environment. The Ten principles highlight the importance attached to safety, transparency, compliance, sustainability, and inclusion in our organization and communities in which we operate.
  2. The Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct complements the COCE and aims to strengthen the prevention of corruption risks. This Code is in line with our actions taken to date, to promote ethics in our professional relationships.
  3. The ethics whistleblowing system “SPEAK UP” allows any employee of CFAO group or its commercial partners and any individual whose interests are likely to be affected by the Group’s activity to bring to its attention information concerning a crime, an offense, a violation of law or an attempt to conceal a violation of law or regulations, or actions contrary to the Group’s Code of Conduct and Ethics (“COCE”), and/or the Group’s Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct. Reports can be submitted via

These principles apply to each of us, including those who act on our behalf. We must all take an active role in promoting and reinforcing a culture where corruption is not acceptable. Our reputation and our success depend on the personal commitment that each of us makes to understand and defend these values and to adopt ethical behaviour in all circumstances.

For more on CFAO’s values, we invite you to download and read the below documents